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This site was last updated on December 15th 2012

Much of this site is still under construction ("yawn", I hear you utter), many images are still to be added as well as some of the links - please visit often to see how things are progressing. I hope what you see is useful and I welcome all feedback, especially constructive feedback! Thanks for visiting this site.

Pieter Roovers has a vintage & collectable toys website, part of which is dedicated to Bonzo. You can check it out at there is a collectors forum, classifieds area, collectors information and links to other useful sites.


A superb new range of Bonzo collectibles are available from Japan - take a look!

To enquire about these please contact me or drop an email to Hideaki Takemura, As well as the bean-bag doll the range includes canvas tote bags, t-shirts, enamel pendants/pins, playing cards and figurines.

These Bonzo's from Merrythought are still available, so if you want one please order them soon - more than 90% have been sold - only 3 left!

Merrythought Bonzo's

New stuff will continue to be added as often as I can do it so please keep coming back.

Cheers! Reg

On the pages that follow I have listed all postcards, cigarette & trade cards known to me, as well as a selection of other Bonzo and Studdy memorabilia. Many of the pictures shown are taken from my own, modest, collection of Bonzo items.

If anyone has any Bonzo items for trade or sale or have scanned pictures of other Bonzo items that they would like included in these lists please forward them to me by email:

Items included from other sources will be acknowledged where possible.


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Known Studdy contributions to The Sketch (PDF Version)

Postcard Checklist A4 format (PDF version)

Link to - The Life and Work of George Studdy- By Paul Babb & Gay Owen

Link to - George Studdy & Bonzo the Dog - By Richard Fitzpatrick

The Acknowledgements - (Without the help of these people, this site would not have developed quite as much)

I am pleased to acknowledge the permission given by Paul Babb & Gay Owen and publisher Richard Dennis to reproduce illustrations used in their excellent book 'Bonzo - The Life and Work of George Studdy'

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