Studdying with Bonzo

These items were based upon the postcard designs but were generally used for advertising purposes. The blotters were more fragile than the postcards simply due to the materials used in their manufacture so good quality blotters are difficult to find.

Several companies issued blotters, the most prolific probably being Edward Blight the motor & cycle engineering company who issued a series of advertising blotters in the late 1920's. A series entitled "Parodied Poems" was issued by several companies and these show very early Studdy comic illustrations.

The Charge of the Light Brigade A Lover's Complaint Paradise Lost
Parodied Poems

Pinchin Johnson & Co

G.N.A. Pitt

W. Lawson & Son

Unknown publishers

Moorhouse & Wainwright Ltd.


Edward Blight - Motor & Cycle Engineers

Wood-Milne Rubber Heels

Yellow Jacket Coal

Stanley Belting Corporation of Chicago, Illinois Blotters

Harold's Ink

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