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The Acknowledgements

This site could not have been created without the help of the following people . . .

Paul Babb, Gay Owen and Richard Dennis for their excellent reference book -

'Bonzo - the Life and Work of George Studdy'

parts of which have been reproduced here to complete the checklists.

Richard Fitzpatrick - a new friend & Bonzo nut

Tom Strickland - a fellow Bonzo fan


Terry Smith of Murray Cards (International) Ltd, Hendon, London NW4 3JH

Joan Gunson who has provided a lot of additional images from the Stanley Belting series of advertising cards

eBay Online Auctions

Playles Online Auctions

Bob Coalbran at the Cardmine

and a host of other people who have offered useful bits of information....such as.....

Detlef Urbschat (Bonzo et les Saucisses image and Das Magazin images)

Bill Collins (Bonzo visits some friends & Tricky Bonzo images)

Torfinn Jaasund (Sossidi cards information & images)

Stein-Ljodvar Juul (Sossidi cards extended information & images)

Peter Walker (contribution to the Gallery)

Chris Griffiths (contributions to the German postcards page and Humoresque cards - I don't know how he manages to find so many)

Bob Forbes (Jahamsdesrivaux & Albert tobacco card reverse)

Miroslav Smilowski (super information and lots of images from the Czech series of books, comics and booklets)

Chris Mullen for allowing use of his Passing Show images

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