Studdying with Bonzo

Prints and Ads

This is a list of Printers' & Winter's Pie for which Studdy provided illustrations, the dates ranging from 1909 until around 1918.

Printers' Pie 1909 'EX(SCREW)CRUCIATING'

Printers' Pie 1910 'The Descent of Man' 'Noontide Reflections'

Printers' Pie 1911

Printers' Pie 1912 'Triumphant'

Winter's Pie 1912 'A Howling Success' 'He who would the daughter win. . .'

Printers' Pie 1913 'Why did they call me Rose?'

Winters' Pie 1914
Winter's Pie 1914 'Next Please'
   Advertisement for Phosferine

Printers' Pie 1915 'At the zoo'

Winter's Pie 1915 'Some baby girl'

Printers' Pie 1916 Lost!
Printers' Pie 1916 'Caught'

Winter's Pie 1916
'Winter's Pie 1916' 'Why the elephant got the sack'

Winter's Pie 1917
'Winter's Pie 1917' 'Dear, dear, what's the matter...' 'They'll never believe me'

Winter's Pie 1918
Winter's Pie 1918 'For sale'

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