Studdying with Bonzo

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Studdy art prints.

A very early, pre-Bonzo set of 6 prints was put together as a calendar entitled

"Life's Little Troubles"

These are all sporting images and typify the early style, and wit, of Studdy.

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A set of Bonzo prints were used to produce another calendar; 'A Dog's Life':

A Dogs Life drawn by Studdy
A Dogs Life drawn by Studdy- images

The 'Lifes Little Troubles' illustrations are very much in the same vein as those used to illustrate the fishing books written by Studdy's friend Hugh Tempest Sheringham; "Fishing - A Diagnosis" (1914, publ. The Field) and later; "Fishing, its Cause, Treatment and Cure" (1925, publ. The Field).

In addition to the prints and advertisements already shown, several printers also produced other images of Bonzo and pre-Bonzo illustrations. Amongst these were Swains, Welbeck, Jellicoe, Wyman and Bemrose. A selection of known prints are shown here. . . . .

Some's born artistic! Some's born lucky!
Some's born sporty boys! Some's born tired!

'Low Tide' 'There You Are Then'

'Put and Take' 'The Ghost Story'

Studdy was often commissioned to produce special prints for companies wanting to advertise their wares, one such superb advert was done for the ink specialists Shuck, Maclean & Co. Ltd. of London in a folio entitled Testimonials and Otherwise. The company produced this extremely rare folio using prints by Studdy, Heath Robinson, John Hassall, Alfred Leete, Fred Buchanan and A. A. Nash showing the quality of their inks. The Studdy contribution is fantastic!

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