Studdying with Bonzo

Postcards Published by Valentines

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With you on the pillion I feel like a million Even this won't cool me off This is off the record Do you like my love notes I'm all-out for you Expect me nice and early
5262 5263 5264 5265 5266 5267
Hoping to hear from you soon See you again soon Enjoying a(r)rest here A ticklish situation Neber a dull moment when you're around Thinking of you
5444 5445 5446 5447 5448 5449
Concrete kunst is nu apart . . . .
5449 (Dutch)
I'm here to stay Thash the spirit We've a date so don't be late Lord wanhooop wil je hart verzachten . . . . All set for a grand time here Let's get together
5516 5517 5518 5518 (Dutch) 5519 5520
Just a short line Ik heb 't wel geschoten, zo je ziet . . . .
5521 5521 (Dutch)
Good night and a Happy Christmas Here's to a Jolly Christmas Here's toa right Merry Christmas May Christmas bring you many a glad surprise A load of good wishes for Christmas Nobody seems to care what happens to me
un-numbered un-numbered un-numbered un-numbered un-numbered un-numbered

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