Studdying with Bonzo

Postcards Published by Valentines

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The Hon, Water Melon disgraces the bottle party Passing the peas Oh, Mr. Spring Onion Mr. Fig loses his leaf Mr. Syphon holds the baby Mr. Banana goes nudist
3817 3818 3819 3820 3821 3822
Can't we think of anything nice to do You've got Cupid whacked honey Cheer up darling, you're not so red as you're painted What about a little flick in the dark But I thought I could do that there 'ere Any time's kissing time for me
3864 3865 3866 3867 3868 3869
Just a few short words sweetheart I'm feeling awful 'cos of you You are my one and only 'perm Wat ik je ook vertellen . . . . Can't make out what's wrong with you baby Don't say it's all over between us
3870 3871 3872 3872 (Dutch) 3873 3874
Just longing for you to say come out
I thought you were cold but you're not You've simply got to come out When you're out of site, I'm out of mind I believe you're just making a fool of me Let us lip-stick together honey When you've got nothing on do come and see us
4112 4113 4114 4115 4116 4117
What's the good of sitting around growing haloes How many more before we meet What about a little sport in the sports Zie mijn gebarr . . . . Just sending you my little everlasting flower Give me my girl every time
4118 4119 4120 4120 (Dutch) 4121 4122
Nobody seems to care what happens to me
A kiss from your little Snow White Just a loving PC Now can any boy explain the word 'appeal' Why not blow in for a blow out Doing a spot of A.R.P. You are just the sweetest thing in the world
4245 4246 4247 4248 4249 4250
There's lots to do here - but I daren't You can't teach this child anything dearie Let's spend a quiet evening together Cheer up grumpy, let's be happy All the best, but it's h___ without you What about a beer at the pole ducky
4305 4306 4307 4308 4309 4310
Don't let anything with legs on come between us darling Give me a girl with a spot of pep I feel you are cooling off baby You are my one and only little cave man Een oermens voor de variatie . . . . What about that line
4311 4312 4313 4314 4314 (Dutch) 4315
Just keep on keeping plucky
You are my glamour girl No.1, darling meet No.2 Can't we go out together I've been dreaming of wedding bells darling We need no parking lights when we're together This is to say that I'm O-Kay Wishing you a real run of luck
4593 4594 4595 4596 4597 4598
We live in a world of our own baby I fear you don't think I'm genuine I'd love to be alone with you I just love a bit of sport with the birds What about a spot of moon-bathing dearie Just doin' the seaside walk
4599 4600 4601 4602 4603 4604
See what comes of being good all your life Just a few hints on slimming stunts dearie I'll be a perfect jitter-bug till I hear you're OK How was I to know the girl was a conchie Chher up dear, things will soon be brighter all round I just keep on thinking of me gal
4754 4755 4756 4757 4758 4759
{short description of image} Hinden waaien om de hoofden . . . . You're a bit of a nib with the pen On top of the world - but a bit dizzy I've found a lovely joint for the week Let me be your fan male
5140 5140 (Dutch) 5141 5142 5143 5144
Vier voorden zijn me niet voldoende . . . . Try to arrange a date with me
5144 (Dutch) 5145

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