Studdying with Bonzo

George Studdy was a prolific illustrator and contributed to dozens of magazines over the years. By far his biggest recognised contribution was to The Sketch magazine which was, ultimately, the source of Bonzo's name. The earliest recorded entry in The Sketch was 1906 with fairly regular contributions lasting for over 30 years.

13/06/06 Bulletin - 10 O'Clock
09/01/07 Our Village Slate Cl-Pub
06/03/07 The "Pretty Poll" Flying Machine: The brothers Wrong's great invention
24/04/07 Another "Living crushed one"
05/06/07 There's pleasure in anticipation
17/07/07 A Tale of Some Spirit
11/09/07 Suite Repose
25/03/08 He might go to Father and fare worse
01/04/08 'Ware Wireless!
24/06/08 Yellow Yells for Yearning Yokels
01/07/08 Let Not Pot Call Pan Black
29/07/08 A Bit Of A Knock Somewhere
19/08/08 The Missionary Who Had The Entrée
02/09/08 Both A-Niggering and A-Sniggering
27/01/09 The rest is silence
03/02/09 The dree o' the wired!
24/03/09 The Pilgrim's progress
31/03/09 What it feels like: 1 - to have revoked
04/08/09 A Patent Fire Alarm
13/04/10 The coat d'azur rapide
20/04/10 The recording angels!
04/05/10 Nobel man!
26/07/11 Sensations We Particularly Dislike - III. Work while others play
02/08/11 Sensations We Particularly Dislike - IV. The hair-raising feeling of the machine-brush
09/08/11 Sensations We Particularly Dislike - V. The "laughing" feeling when taking gas
16/08/11 Sensations We Particularly Dislike - VI.
23/08/11 Sensations We Particularly Dislike - VII. The stop-in-the-tunnel qualms
30/08/11 Sensations We Particularly Dislike - VIII.
06/09/11 Sensations We Particularly Dislike - IX.
13/09/11 Sensations We Particularly Dislike - X.
20/09/11 Sensations We Particularly Dislike - XI.
27/09/11 Sensations We Particularly Dislike - XII. The heart-to-heart sentimental song shrinking
03/01/12 After His Christmas Dinner. The Dawn of Conscience
10/01/12 Studdy's dog studies: Brevity is the soul of wit
06/03/12 Studdy's dog studies: The judgement of Paris
27/11/12 Jack & Jill fell down the hill! Nothing doing! Snowbound enemies (Sketch Christmas Number 1912)
04/12/12 Pons Catulorum. Terms from the Bridge-room: Terms of the game illustrated - I
11/12/12 Pons Catulorum. Terms from the Bridge-room: Terms of the game illustrated - II
18/12/12 Pons Catulorum. Terms from the Bridge-room: Terms of the game illustrated - III
25/12/12 Pons Catulorum. Terms from the Bridge-room: Terms of the game illustrated - IV
01/01/13 Pons Catulorum. Terms from the Bridge-room: Terms of the game illustrated - V
08/01/13 Pons Catulorum. Terms from the Bridge-room: Terms of the game illustrated - VI
01/12/13 The Adventures of Alfred: Studdy Dog Studies. Outside only for Alfred! (Sketch Christmas Number 1913)
01/12/13 The Adventures of Alfred: Studdy Dog Studies. Alfred disturbs the peace. (Sketch Christmas Number 1913)
01/12/13 The Adventures of Alfred: Studdy Dog Studies. Alfred is fed up! (Sketch Christmas Number 1913)
01/12/13 The Adventures of Alfred: Studdy Dog Studies. Youth will be served. (Sketch Christmas Number 1913)
08/04/14 Quintessentially Georgian!
08/04/14 O Moments as Big as Years! No. VIII - When we suddenly discover that we have forgotten every word in the English language
15/04/14 O Moments as Big as Years! No. IX - While the fate of the first-born hangs in the balance
22/04/14 O Moments as Big as Years! No. X - When we have one minute to catch the last train, and the lift man becomes anecdotal
29/04/14 O Moments as Big as Years! No. XI - When we have to leave the theatre in the death scene in order to catch the last train
16/09/14 Above the Age Limit. Hints to the Middle-aged Men who Can't Enlist but Desire to Become Efficient
07/10/14 The British Merchant is easy to impress and depress!
07/04/15 Evading the Censor
07/04/15 Great-War Games for Stay-At-Homes - No. V. Message-sending by field telegraph
14/04/15 Great-War Games for Stay-At-Homes - No. VI. Pontooning the Rhine
07/07/15 The Man who didn't stay at home!
11/08/15 The Hat Trick
08/09/15 The London ("Sketch") Gazette - Open to many: Decorations we would award
01/12/15 Now that women are doing men's jobs
05/04/16 War=Time Studdys! I. The difficult "prosperity" no collector-fellow can understand
12/04/16 War=Time Studdys! II. The terror of the inside-knowledge idiot
19/04/16 War=Time Studdys! III. Frightfulness as applied to the man on short leave
26/04/16 War=Time Studdys! IV.
03/05/16 War=Time Studdys! V. The horror of the taxi-after-the-theatre-search in war-time; or, what no woman
10/05/16 War=Time Studdys! VI. A horrible realisation of the shortage of labour
28/06/16 O Aching Time! O Moments Big as Years! When the Bride is Two Minutes Late
05/07/16 One of those terrible moments! We ask for a drink in a temperance hotel
12/07/16 The broken melody. When the bootlace breaks and you have half a minute to catch the train
23/08/16 Introduce Me! 'Tis Hard to Give the Hand Where the Heart Can Never Be
30/08/16 Pup-illo All-leg-ro Agitato: Back pedal! The accompanist gets a little ahead of the tenore robusto
18/10/16 That torrid mistake! The croc: Cuss! I'd have sworn I was going to be a bird!
??/11/16 How I wish I hadn't killed that cat! (Sketch Christmas Number 1916)
??/11/16 Post Early for Christmas - "Letters to lonely soldiers" (Sketch Christmas Number 1916)
29/11/16 A Slight Misunderstanding. The Visitor: "Are you aware, young lady, that I am a second cousin of yours twice
20/12/16 Reflections! The War Pup: Great Beatty! No Wonder the Huns Don't Like us Chaps!
27/12/16 Greetings (Sensu Scottico). Indeed, indeed, repentance oft I swore
03/01/17 Pussylanimous! - The warrior: Phew! This is going to be a three-year's war!
17/03/17 Great=War Games for Stay=At=Homes - I. Watch-dogging in the North Sea
27/06/17 Allotment Studies - No. II. Agricultural "shop" replaces intelligent war criticism in a suburban railway carriage
11/07/17 Allotment Studies - No. IV. The temptations to murder that beset the allotment-holder when somebody walks on his radish-patch
01/08/17 Pyrotechnicalities. The impatient one: Come on, yer blighters. I'm fed up with Guy Fawkes nights!
31/10/17 Raid fashions. We can't all have dug-outs; so, why not the personal sand-bag?
28/11/17 Joys of To=Day - II. The family mans idea of his home during a hate visit
05/12/17 Joys of To=Day - III. The queer, chaotic whirl we experience when we receive our income-tax assessment
12/12/17 Joys of To=Day - IV. The high-pressure feeling which comes over us when our last clerk is called up
19/12/17 Joys of To=Day - V. The delightfulness of the common or feather bed to the man on leave
26/12/17 Joys of To=Day - VI. Other people's torches
20/11/18 Dear, dear, dear!
??/11/20 Nipped in the bud! (Sketch Christmas Number 1920)
03/08/21 Grand Guignol
02/11/21 The ghost story
09/11/21 Far from de old folks at home
16/11/21 Why the Dickens did you cut me off?
30/11/21 The end of a perfect day
07/12/21 The edge o' beyond
14/12/21 That's what I think of you!
21/12/21 The Co-optimists (b/w)
28/12/21 Oh! Help!
04/01/22 Here's luck!
11/01/22 Alice in wonderland
18/01/22 Put and take
25/01/22 Cairo (with acknowledgement to The Orgy!)
01/02/22 There you are then!
08/02/22 A-tish-oo!
08/02/22 The Clubman reproduction of the invitation to the London Sketch Club Ball (photocopy)
15/02/22 Missed!
22/02/22 Way of revelation (b/w)
01/03/22 Also ran!
08/03/22 Such stuff as dreams are made on
15/03/22 The Beggar's Opera
22/03/22 That coal black Mammy o' mine
29/03/22 A friend in need
05/04/22 As master sees me!
12/04/22 The treasure
19/04/22 Every day, in every respect, I am getting better and better!
26/04/22 Nobody loves me!
03/05/22 Memories!
10/05/22 The Pekingese is told one!
17/05/22 The faithful heart
17/05/22 The Studdy of the Studdy Dogs article with photo about G.E.S. (photocopy)
24/05/22 A leg-pull
31/05/22 His broadcast master's voice
07/06/22 One man's meat...
14/06/22 Lost ball
21/06/22 Ignominy
28/06/22 You simply must save water!
05/07/22 A miscarriage of justice
12/07/22 Jimmy Wild
19/07/22 My mistake
26/07/22 The way of an eagle
02/08/22 The Ball Boy
09/08/22 What about me?
16/08/22 Beaver!
23/08/22 His master's vice!
30/08/22 Rabbits, I believe!
06/09/22 The Show Girl
13/09/22 The Pot Hunter
20/09/22 Dormy six
27/09/22 The Botulist
04/10/22 Katergy
11/10/22 Bogey four
18/10/22 The glider
25/10/22 Fair exchange
01/11/22 William Tell Junr.
08/11/22 Taking the count
15/11/22 The Communist
22/11/22 I don't know where I am!
29/11/22 A capital levy
01/12/22 Bonzo's Christmas (Sketch Christmas Number 1922)
01/12/22 Studdy's nightmare (Sketch Christmas Number 1922)
06/12/22 A cat-and-dog life
13/12/22 Bonzo's burned nose
20/12/22 Bonzo gives tongue
27/12/22 Bonzo's paved hell
03/01/23 Angel face
10/01/23 Bonzo comes home with the milk
17/01/23 Bonzo palms the pill
24/01/23 Oh Carnarvon!
31/01/23 The shadow on the wall
07/02/23 Bonzo gets the surprise of his life
14/02/23 Bonzo saves a goal
21/02/23 Bonzo makes his bed...
28/02/23 Bonzo's bath night
07/03/23 Bonzo & Chee Kee keep smiling
14/03/23 Bonzo gets that spring feeling (Magazine title page)
21/03/23 Bonzo's Grand National
28/03/23 Bonzo does the dirty work!
04/04/23 Bonzo spoils a perfectly good photograph
04/04/23 Plays of the moment 1923 No. XXX. "Battling Butler" with Bonzo (Article)
11/04/23 One exciting night
18/04/23 Battling Bonzo wins in the first round
25/04/23 Loyalty
02/05/23 "How the deuce did this happen?"
09/05/23 "Following in father's footsteps"
16/05/23 Hard lines on the hard court
23/05/23 Bonzo takes the fly
30/05/23 Bonzo sells a pup
06/06/23 Bonzo a star turn again - in "From Dover Street to Dixie": The Studdy curtain at the London Pavilion (Double page)
13/06/23 The Bonzolines "have a couple"
20/06/23 Who said "Robots"?
27/06/23 Bonzo shows the Bonzolines how to do it!
04/07/23 Bonzo's dud show
11/07/23 Bonzo's spirit is willing
18/07/23 Bonzo gets a mouthful!
01/08/23 Bonzo listens in! (cut down)
08/08/23 Burning ice at both ends (cut down)
15/08/23 Bonzo gets into the usual seaside snapshot!
22/08/23 Yes, we have no bananas
29/08/23 Bonzo tries to swim the channel
05/09/23 Bonzo persuades a friend to throw a stone
12/09/23 Bonzo meets a road hog
26/09/23 The Bonzoline has a sweet tooth
03/10/23 Bonzo suffers from overwork
10/10/23 Hospitality
17/10/23 Bonzo finds a brolly "no earthly"!
24/10/23 Bonzo wants his money back
31/10/23 Which is it Master likes so much?
07/11/23 Bonzo quite agrees!
14/11/23 The seven good deeds of Bonzo: Monday's good deed - Bonzo saves the kitten
21/11/23 The seven good deeds of Bonzo: Tuesday's good deed - Bonzo dries his Mistress's shoe
28/11/23 The seven good deeds of Bonzo: Wednesday's good deed - Bonzo lets Polly out for a bit!
30/11/23 L.O.! L.O.! L.O.! Bonzo finds the bed-time story too much for him! (Sketch Christmas Number 1923)
30/11/23 L.O.! L.O.! L.O.! Bonzo adds a fifth to the quartet (Sketch Christmas Number 1923)
05/12/23 The seven good deeds of Bonzo: Thursday's good deed - Bonzo saves the sixpence, but spoils the pudding
12/12/23 The seven good deeds of Bonzo: Friday's good deed - Bonzo removes an infernal machine from the bed
19/12/23 The seven good deeds of Bonzo: Saturday's good deed - Bonzo gives the fattened Christmas turkey a little exercise
26/12/23 The seven good deeds of Bonzo: Sunday's good deed - Bonzo adopts Chee Kee's pup!
02/01/24 Bonzo the peace-maker
09/01/24 Bonzo in search of his forefathers: Bonzo discovers the Bonzosaurus egg
16/01/24 Bonzo in search of his forefathers: Bonzo recognises a lost brother
23/01/24 Bonzo in search of his forefathers: Bonzo finds a trace of his ancestral courage in an old tapestry!
30/01/24 Bonzo in search of his forefathers: Bonzo finds his father - and wonders where the cash went!
06/02/24 Tap! Tap! Tap! Bonzo sees ghosts
13/02/24 Bonzo congratulates Chee-Kee on finding HER ancestors
20/02/24 Bonzo, Chee-Kee, and Jock suddenly remember their New Year's resolutions!
27/02/24 Bonzo runs through!
05/03/24 Havoc
12/03/24 Bonzo finds a joy wheel!
19/03/24 Too many cooks!
26/03/24 Bonzo is hoist with his own petard!
02/04/24 The spring clean: Bonzo's collection goes west
16/04/24 The house of the moving walls
23/04/24 Pung! Bonzo fights with the four green dragons of mah-jongg
30/04/24 Bonzo keeps on walking until - the attention of his master is diverted, and the whip is not in evidence!
07/05/24 The superstitions of Bonzo: I. Never wag a white tail before a black kitten
14/05/24 The superstitions of Bonzo: II. Chocolate number one-hundred-and-thirteen is unlucky
21/05/24 The superstitions of Bonzo: III. Never bury a new bone in an old chair
28/05/24 The superstitions of Bonzo: IV. It is very bad luck for two to scratch at the same time!
04/06/24 The superstitions of Bonzo: V. Three broken plates mean a woman is coming
11/06/24 The superstitions of Bonzo: VI. Never take a white ball from under a red rose.
18/06/24 Cocktails
25/06/24 Three o'clock in the morning!
02/07/24 Stop flirting!
02/07/24 Bonzo is satisfied at last! The famous Studdy dog in his Wolseley "Ten" (Article)
09/07/24 Deuce!
16/07/24 Bonzo gets it straight from the horse's mouth
23/07/24 A suggestion to Wembley: Why not an all-Bonzo pageant?
30/07/24 Bonzo on a trunk call!
06/08/24 Why Bonzo blushed!
20/08/24 Bonzo turns "Bones"
27/08/24 Bonzo enjoys a three-penn'orth of himself!
03/09/24 Bonzo intervenes
10/09/24 Bonzo goes pot-hunting
17/09/24 Bonzo solves a knotty problem
24/09/24 Yoicks!
01/10/24 Bonzo's hat trick
08/10/24 Bonzo finds it unlucky to meet a sweep
15/10/24 Bonzo bungles it!
22/10/24 Toni the mouse gives Bonzo a douche
29/10/24 Bonzo's Tony-hunt goes to pot
05/11/24 Bonzo and Tony sing the National Anthem!
12/11/24 Tony one up on Bonzo at the turn!
19/11/24 Bonzo's winter sport!
26/11/24 A slight enlargement
03/12/24 A bad wind-up of the chase
10/12/24 Why Bonzo couldn't catch the right Tony
17/12/24 Bonzo and Tony differ - to agree!
24/12/24 Cooling the ardour of Bonzo's chase
31/12/24 Bonzo cracks a Tony cracker
31/12/24 Familiar to "Sketch" Readers: Famous Artists and Writers includes photo of G.E.S.
11/02/25 Bonzo gives the Girl Guides a little assistance
11/03/25 A Bonzo cross-word puzzle. A chimney pot in seven letters - Top-hole!
08/04/25 The Literary Lounger. Bonzo's night out. Reproduction of the souvenir program for the Stage Guild Ball (Article)
27/05/25 Eights Week! Bonzo gets six bumps!
10/06/25 The sea-green incorruptible! Bonzo on the briny!
15/07/25 Bonzo in the ring. Umpteenth round - and still game!
04/11/25 Bonzo in a new guise: at the party
25/11/25 A wash-out. Canute
23/12/25 Bonzo is awarded his blue! "Hullo! Everybody!"
30/12/25 The hopeless dawn! Bonzo joins the Vine Street Club
13/01/26 Bonzo as a winter-sportsman. "What next?"
15/12/26 A visitor to Belgravia this month
29/12/26 Specially designed for their friends: "Sketch" artists' Christmas cards (inc. G.E.S.)
06/07/27 What all of us motorists feel at times! No.1: Chancing it - with no tail light
13/07/27 What we motorists all feel at times! No.2: Backing into the unknown
20/07/27 What we motorists all feel at times! No.3: Holding up the traffic in a busy spot; or "Nothin' doing" in Piccadilly
27/07/27 What we motorists all feel at times! No.4: Passing the charabanc
03/08/27 What we motorists all feel at times! No.5: That sudden imitation of a snail
10/08/27 What we motorists all feel at times! No.6: Teaching the novice to change gear
17/08/27 What we motorists all feel at times! No.7: The skid
24/08/27 What we motorists all feel at times! No.8: That spasmodic footwork we suffer from when being driven by anybody else
31/08/27 What we motorists all feel at times! No.9: The discovery of the first scratch on our new car
07/09/27 What we motorists all feel at times! No.10: That Dartmoor sensation which comes over us when we find the Law unduly interested in our car
14/09/27 What we motorists all feel at times! No.11: The joy of listening to a solo on our electric horn
02/01/29 Exit Bonzo Enter Ooloo! The new load of mischief
16/01/29 Has anybody lost a baby Austin? Ooloo asks
06/02/29 Ooloo disillusioned: "So this is love"
20/02/29 Ooloo in influenza time: that ominous sneeze!
20/02/29 Ooloo gives his blessing to a fancy dress ball: The "Sketch" and Studdy cat "featured" on the program of the Stage Guild Ball (Article)
27/02/29 Ooloo and the white lie! (damaged, from Studdy's press cuttings)
20/03/29 Ooloo laughs last: the Peke's mistake
27/03/29 Ooloo the hero! Tails up
17/04/29 Fifty fifty! Ooloo gets the bird from his rival
24/04/29 Ooloo trumps his partner's trick! The bilking of Binkie
08/05/29 Bonzo butts in on Ooloo and Binkie: the gate-crashing old friend
??/11/33 The Gate-Crasher + The Bag-Snatcher - A Dog's Life 1. [Two half page images] (Sketch Christmas Number 1933)
??/11/33 And what can I do for you? + Shall we leave it at that? - A Dog's Life 2. [Two half page images] (Sketch Christmas Number 1933)
23/11/34 Hi, boys! Anyway, here's something we haven't chewed! (Sketch Christmas Number 1934)
22/11/35 Like as we lie (Sketch Christmas Number 1935)
20/11/36 Fruity fables I - Mr. Fig loses his leaf (Sketch Christmas number 1936)
20/11/36 Fruity fables II - Oh! Mr. Spring Onion! This is so sudden! (Sketch Christmas number 1936)
20/11/36 Fruity fables III - The Hon. Mr. Water-melon disgraces the bottle-party (Sketch Christmas number 1936)
20/11/36 Fruity fables IV - Papa Pea takes his octets for a ride (Sketch Christmas number 1936)
19/11/37 A Fruity Fable No.1 - Aunt Gooseberry runs true to type (Sketch Christmas number 1937)
19/11/37 Fruity fable No.2 - Chestnut trio (Sketch Christmas number 1937)
18/11/38 Fruity fables No.1 - Miss Pineapple announces her engagement to Mr. Chunk (Sketch Christmas number
18/11/38 Fruity fables No.2 - Major Radish trots out a few (Sketch Christmas number 1938)
18/11/38 Idiot's delight (Sketch Christmas number 1938)
18/11/38 Snow White and the seven Dwarfs (Sketch Christmas number 1938)

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