Studdying with Bonzo

Real Photographs

While the vast majority of Bonzo postcards were of the art variety there were quite a number of 'real photographs' including those with famous film stars of the day - the best known of these with Louise Brooks, taking cookery lessons and alongside real dogs! Here's a selection . . .

Louise Brooks b/w Louise Brooks, hand tinted

The Louise Brooks card shown above, published by Ross Verlag and used by Paramount Pictures, is available (if you can find it at all) as a plain black and white photograph or as a hand tinted version - both are quite rare, the same image was used for 3 different sets of German cigarette cards. Bonzo's companion is Dismal Desmond.

Bonzo has also been seen alongside numerous other glamorous film starlets including Brigitte Helm (of Metropolis fame), Lee Parry, Xenia Desni and Dorothy Lee - all German actresses!

With Lee Parry With Brigitte Helm
Lee Parry
Ross 4646/2
Brigitte Helm -(can you spot Bonzo?)
Ross 5502/1
With Xenia Desni With Dorothy Lee
Xenia Desni Dorothy Lee

What many people don't know is that Bonzo was one of the first celebrity cooks . . .

Cooking Cooking
Cooking Cooking


. . . he's also been seen in the company of other canines . . . Chee-Kee will be disappointed!

Unknown publisher Ross 1218/1
BKWI 82/1 BKWI 82/2
BKWI 82/3 BKWI 82/4
Unknown publisher
Unknown Publisher

and on stage. . . .

Bonzo on stage
probably in the pantomime Aladdin

The Pinnace Bonzo sign can be seen left
of centre about half way up the card!

The Lady Band showing the
sax-playing Bonzo on the drum.

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