Studdying with Bonzo

Unknown Publishers

The Guest Arrives - G.E. Studdy 1875-1948

Advertising Cards

Stender 1028/1 Stender 1028/2 Stender 1028/3 Stender 1028/4 Stender 1028/5 Stender 1028/6 Stender 1028/7
Set 1028
Stender 1032/1 Stender 1032/2 Stender 1032/3 Stender 1032/4 Stender 1032/5 Stender 1032/6 Stender 1032/7
Set 1032
Stender 1033/1 Stender 1033/2 Stender 1033/3 Stender 1033/4 Stender 1033/5 Stender 1033/6 Stender 1033/7
Set 1033
Stender 1034/1 Stender 1034/2 Stender 1034/3 Stender 1034/4 Stender 1034/5 Stender 1034/6 Stender 1034/7
Set 1034

{short description of image}

Latvian version of German BKWI card

An unusual set of 12 cards, issued in the 1910 period. The cards are apparently signed G.E. Sim, however, on closer inspection the artist name is an overprint of the G.E. Studdy signature and can be clearly seen on a couple of the cards - the style is pretty unmistakeable though!

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Series 746
{short description of image} {short description of image}
Series 753

The tell-tale signature........

unsigned Studdy card?

unsigned Studdy card?

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