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Small Format German Language books issued in Austria

Series 1 book
Series I - Blue cover

Bonzo in der Sommerfrische Bonzo am Meer Bonzo's Missetaten
Bonzo's Abenteuer Bonzo's Gute Taten Bonzo in der Stadt
Series I of the small format Bonzo booklets with German text

The small format books shown above and below were by Studdy and George Jellicoe with verses, in German, by Graf Löwenstein. The books were published by Artur Wolf of Vienna and at the time cost 75 Pfennig each or the complete set of 6 books could be bought bound together in a colour co-ordinated hard cover for 5 Marks. The blue series (Series I) was also issued as stories rather than verses with text written by Helga Kundt - exactly the same covers and illustrations were used, the booklets had the same titles and were pblished by Wolf.

The three sets totalling 18 books had the same images as those published in England.

Series II Hard Cover
Series II - Red cover

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Series II of the small format Bonzo booklets with German text

Series III - Green cover

Bonzo im Gluck Bonzos Familie Bonzo der Einsame
Bonzo's Freud und Leid Bonzo's Glueckstag Bonzo im Pech
Series III of the small format Bonzo booklets with German text

There are also Dutch versions of the books; these correspond to the Thomas Allen/Jellicoe versions in English and the German books in Set I shown above:

Bonzo's Vacantie Buiten Bonzo's Vacantie aan See Stoute Bonzo
De Avonturen van Bonzo Goede Daden van Bonzo Mijnheer Bonzo Komt in Stad

There was also a fourth book, again issued by Artur Wolf of Vienna, entitled 'Die Lustigen Hunde' (The Funny Dog). This is slightly larger than the previous three but only has 3 books bound together. Like the smaller books described above these volumes could be bought separately for 2 DM each or all bound together in their red cloth hard covers for 5 DM.

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Die Lustigen Hunde Stips und Flips das Brüderpaar Wie der Herr, so der Hund Hundeschwänzchens jugendstreiche

These Austrian-published booklets again contain exactly the same material as sets of English and French books published by Swain and Hachette respectively.

Die Lustigen Hunde, shown above, has the same content as A Lucky Dip, A Box of Tricks and Puppy Tails, all issued by John Swain & Son Ltd., (De Bonne Histoires, Nos Bébés Chiens & Quelques Bons Tours by Hachette). The titles in Die Lustigen Hunde are 'Wie der Herr, so der Hund', 'Stips und flips das Brüderpaar' and 'Hundeschwänzchens jugendstreiche'! The verses, as before, were written for this book by Graf Löwenstein.

Also recently uncovered is a series of books issued in Czech. These accompany the Bonzo on the Film annual as being in the Czech language but correspond to the six books shown at the top of this page. Further, there are two more books, both hardbacks, which may not correspond to anything issued in English, German or Dutch....

Series of small format Bonzo booklets with Czech text

Bonzo Bonzo a Spol

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