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The Acknowledgements

As well as the advertising postcards and magazine adverts there was a huge amount of advertising display material based on Bonzo or earlier work, here's a few examples starting with a picture of the neon sign, care of Paul Babb's book, showing Bonzo advertising Pinnace cigarettes. This sign was erected in London's Piccadilly. . .

A little less ambitious but nonetheless as amusing are the smaller cardboard displays and inserts seen in the 1920's and 1930's . . .


This advertisement for Yeaston's Tablets was adapted from the earlier Phosferine advert of the 1910's and updated to bring it in line with 1920's/30's fashion! Notice the changes to the people on the left hand side in particular.

The store advertising board itself is quite big, almost 1m long!

Here are some more . .

Advertising card for International Bacon

A Spanish advertisement for cakes

Taken from an HP Sauce trade card album, this colouring page was in the centre

He even had his own brand of cigars . . .

Italian petfood advert

A mechanical free-standing cardboard display

Small advertising card/leaflet for Wood-Milne

A Bonzo lookalike? Seen on these 1930's fruit labels by Orosi

and finally (for now) . . .

Playing cards advertising Woolvena and Molassine products respectively

Excelsior in Germany used many Bonzo images provided by Studdy, the range included several postcards as well as an advertising board and the invoice/receipt shown below.

Excelsior Tyres Receipt, Germany

Vim Cleaner, 1917

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